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Letter to new Homeowners

Sonterra West Homeowners Association
PO Box 81
Jarrell, TX 76537

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Sonterra West is a young and growing community located in the Jarrell ISD. To help you get the most out of your investment, we thought it important to let you know some very important information.

Sonterra West works a little different than most other Home Owner Association’s (HOA’s). You DON’T pay a monthly HOA fee like other HOAs. Our HOA dues are paid only ONCE at closing (when we purchased our homes). Our HOA is limited to only enforcing the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR's) we all agreed to, when we purchased our homes. This means they can only give Courtesy Notices and issue Fines for the restrictions outlined in the CCRs. Our CCR’s are located on the website, Generally, the HOA will give us one (1) reminder (Courtesy Notice) every 6 months, before they will issue a fine.

The HOA has one (1) meeting per year. The time and date, will be announced, on the HOA website

Any outside modifications or additions to your property, i.e. change of paint color, sheds, patio covers, pools, etc will need to be submitted to the HOA for Architectural Board approval PRIOR to performing the work. The architectural review form you can find on the HOA website.

Office hours are by appointment only, 512-746-5014. Emails are the quickest and best way to reach us is Messages are returned within 48 hours.

Sonterra West Municipal Utility District (MUD), owns and manages the parks, pools and common grounds. The MUD collects, on your water bill, a Park-N-Rec fee to pay for the maintenance of these amenities. If you have questions regarding the pool or clubhouse reservations, you will need to contact the pool by email at or their website

Any water restrictions can be found on the MUD website The MUD has monthly meetings on 3rd Monday of every month. The current time of the meeting is 6:00 PM. The website will show any changes to the days or times of the meetings.

FAQ are a helpful resource on the website,

Below are a few helpful positive Facebook pages to help you stay in touch with the community:

  • Jarrell Buy, Sell and Trade
  • Jarrell Chamber of Commerce
  • Jarrell Independent School District
  • Dogs of Jarrell
  • Jarrell TX
  • Sonterra MUD parks and recreation

Homeowners’ portals can be accessed from the website. Reach out to for your account number.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Sonterra West HOA Management

Current Newsletter

Hello Sonterra West Homeowner,
Happy fall, y'all!! Fall festivities have begun and before we know it we will celebrate Turkey day, Santa will visit and a new year will be here. Sonterra has many new faces, and we continue to grow rapidly. Welcome to our community!

HOA wanted to touch base on a few items that seem to come up often.

Social Media:

If it's on the internet it must be true, right?!?! I know we are all connected on social media on some platforms but not everything we see and read is true.

HOA would like to start by saying that Board and Louie Mgmt. take your concerns to heart. We are homeowners like you and deal with similar situations in our own communities. Whenever the team has its weekly meetings, we bring your concerns to the table to discuss. HOA sees the issues expressed on social media. The HOA team does not reply with resolutions. Legally, the HOA cannot discuss other homes with homeowners or issues about your home on social media. Therefore, we do not have a Facebook page. If you have any concerns, you can email us directly and a team member will get back to you within a reasonable amount of time.


You are permitted to have chickens in Sonterra. Up to 4 chickens, NO Roosters. Nobody wants to be woken up by Cluck Norris next door singing the song of his people! Let's be considerate of our neighbors..and their ears.


As a responsible Dog parent please, please secure your fences, pick up after your dog and be courteous to your neighbors and not let your dog continuously bark day and night. We have such a diverse community that not everyone is on the same schedule, and we should try to respect that as much as possible.

Yards and Flowers:

When mowing please also weed eat your yard and pull weeds from the flower beds. Wildflowers belong in the backyard not the front yard. If you choose to have them in your beds out front, then when the flowers are at the end of their life, please cut them back. We are not horticulturist and cannot determine between a dead wildflower and a weed.

The tall weeds and overgrown flowerbeds can make a nice home for the nope ropes aka snakes and the mice they love to snack on.

Trash Cans:

Per the CCR’s your trash can is not to be visible from the street. Trash cans need to be placed behind the AC unit, in the garage or backyard. If you have an APPROVED enclosure that is satisfactory as well.

Architectural Application:

Any changes made to your property must have an approval on file. This is for your protection. Please see your CCR’s for guidelines and the association website for the application; all applications need to be emailed to the manager for your association.


The HOA does not operate the swimming pool. Sonterra MUD maintains parks, pool, and common grounds. If you have any questions regarding hours or maintenance, you can email or Or see the MUD website at However, HOA and MUD have an agreement that if a homeowner has an outstanding balance, they will be denied a pool pass until the balance is paid in full.

Phone calls:

If you call the association and do not leave a message, you will NOT get a return call. HOA returns calls within 24-48 hours after the message is left during business hours Monday-Friday. If you do not leave a phone number, the HOA will not call you back. Always leave your property address. If you choose to use foul language or yell the HOA will choose to not return your call. You can always email us for a more immediate response.

Annual Meeting:

HOA currently does not have a date for our annual meeting. It will be in October, please watch the website for a date and time.


If you receive a violation, legally the HOA must send it regular mail and certified mail. We are not “harassing” you this is per property code. If you have an email on file, then you will get an email immediately. HOA does not control US Mail so if you don’t pick up your mail but once a week or it is delayed you are still responsible for the time allotted to correct your violation. Please see your Community Manual for violation process.

Holiday Decorations:

Please go all out with your decorations. We all love to see the holiday spirit!!

Halloween Decoration Contest:

Nominate your favorite home for a $50.00 Amazon Gift Card from Louie Mgmt. Email a photo and the address to Kimberly at by October 29th and the winner from each association will be posted Halloween Weekend.

Have fun and good luck!!

Association contacts:

If you are receiving this email your association is Sonterra West HOA is your website

That is all for now. HOA team appreciate your time as always and may you continue to stay safe and healthy.

Louie Management

Sonterra West HOA

Sonterra West HOA has updated, amended and filed restrictions and covenants. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to familiarize yourself with the newly formatted, amended, filed restrictions and covenants. It is our hope that you find these documents easier to understand.

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