Frequently Asked Questions
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 I bought a home and do not have a mailbox. Where is my mailbox and key?

 I just moved into the neighborhood. Where and when do I get my trash can? When is Recycle day?

 What should I know about calling the HOA?

 What can the HOA do when my neighbor's dog barks?

 What should I know about the HOA?

 When and how do I pay my HOA dues?

 What is the difference between the HOA and Sonterra MUD?

 What are some common violations?

 If I want to put a shed up or a back patio cover what do I do?

 How does the HOA enforce the CCRs?

 What are the responsibilities of the owner if a tenant is in the property?

 What are the HOA office hours?

 How can I get a pool pass key?

 Why are there not speed bumps?

 I see loose cats and dogs in the neighborhood. Who do I call?

 Who do I call if I want to report a crime?

 Can I pop Fireworks in Sonterra?

 Why do we have an HOA and MUD?

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