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Letter to new Homeowners

Welcome to the neighborhood!

Sonterra West is a young and growing community located in the Jarrell ISD. To help you get the most out of your investment, we thought it important to let you know some very important information.

Sonterra West works a little different than most other Home Owner Associationís (HOAís). You DONíT pay a monthly HOA fee like other HOAs. Our HOA dues are paid only ONCE at closing (when we purchased our homes). Our HOA is limited to only enforcing the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCR's) we all agreed to, when we purchased our homes. This means they can only give Courtesy Notices and issue Fines for the restrictions outlined in the CCRs. Generally, the HOA will give us one (1) reminder (Courtesy Notice) every 6 months, before they will issue a fine.

If you see a street light out, you can let the HOA know the pole number and cross street, and they will get it fixed. The HOA has one (1) meeting per year. The time and date, when announced, will be on the HOA website

Any outside modifications or additions to your property, i.e. change of paint color, sheds, patio covers, pools, etc will need to be submitted to the HOA for Architectural Board approval PRIOR to performing the work. The architectural review form you can find on the HOA website. Office hours are by appointment only, 512-746-7014. Emails are the quickest and best way to reach us

Sonterra West Municipal Utility District (MUD), owns and manages the parks, pools and common grounds. The MUD collects, on your water bill, a Park-N-Rec fee to pay for the maintenance of these amenities. Any water restrictions can be found on the MUD website The MUD has monthly meetings on 3rd Monday of every month. The current time of the meeting is 6:30 PM.

If you have questions regarding the pool or clubhouse reservations you will need to contact the pool at 512-535-8696 or by email at

Below are a few helpful positive Facebook pages to help you stay in touch with the community:

  • 76537
  • Sonterra Rumors
  • Sonterra Community Pool
  • Jarrell Buy, Sell and Trade
  • Jarrell Chamber of Commerce
  • Jarrell CERT
  • Sonterra Crime Stoppers (HOA works with Crime Stoppers with National Night out and Big firework display on the 4th)

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Sonterra Crime Stoppers is a form of a neighborhood watch program that is in Jarrell, TX. The job of the residents is to inform the Sheriff when there is a problem or something in question. This is an active group in the neighborhood that is trying to spread safety awareness to our residents. We have regular meetings and are planning events in the neighborhood. Please join us if you would like to be a member or help with the events.

Sonterra Crime Stoppers on Facebook

We are a separate entity from Sonterra Neighborhood Watch.

Sonterra West HOA has updated, amended and filed restrictions and covenants. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to familiarize yourself with the newly formatted, amended, filed restrictions and covenants. It is our hope that you find these documents easier to understand.

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